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2013…Looking back Sept – Dec

September 2013: Ahhh September.

August 30 – Sept 2nd: I began Labor Day Weekend off at FetFest. I’d post photos, but uh, it was illegal to take any so….I don’t have any. Ahem. JT and I went and got to pitch the super awesome yellow tent he bought for the occassion. There was so much naked. You have no idea. SO. MUCH. NAKED! We were naked pretty much from the start. It was so hot out, that was our only option. After tenting the first night on a path leading to the woods, we moved our tent so as to avoid more spider fueled panic attacks from me. I am severely agoraphobic. Then we tented near Powder & GlitterBunny, two of my favorite people. It was four days of…to be honest, anxiety and stress. JT and I weren’t communicating properly which lead to a lot of hurt feelings and The Period of Not Good Times. A lot of fun was had though. I massaged with another cool massage therapist and made some money. I experienced amazing inclusion and woke up to the sounds of people having sex and orgasms…pretty much 24/7. Β It was an awesome experience.

Sept 8th – The week after I got back from FetFest was spent preparing for school, falling into a new, lighter work schedule, and involved me sending a message to someone I’d been lightly corresponding with on FetLife. Honestly, he’d sent me maybe 3-4 messages prior to this, about various things and our interactions were…minimal and kind of insignificant. Conversational. So I knew he was out of the city for the summer and messaged him asking if he was back and if so, would he like to get coffee. He said sure. Conveniently, was on his way to the airport right near my own apartment so I was on the way. He met me at my favorite coffee place and if I hadn’t had to go to work, I imagine it would have lasted a lot longer than it did. But neither of us thought anything of it really. I texted him later that I enjoyed meeting him and I’d love to talk and play sometime in the future.

Sept 22nd – With company for a week, there was a lot of texting, but not much else. A short film I was in made it to the Coney Island Film festival and I invited him to come with me. We had a lot of fun. We arrived early and grabbed a drink and a snack. My time slot was actually the “Adult” slot, even though there was only a very tame sex scene (not with me – stock footage!). Afterwards we went to the candy store and looked around. I bought some. Then we walked along the boardwalk for a while. Eventually he had to leave for a meeting and I went to the awards show.

Sept 28th – We made brunch plans for a Sunday and that morning, while texting, I said “Can we do 1?” I had a pie to bake! Strawberry peach, to be exact. Our brunch was delicious and we then walked through the Union Square Farmers Market. It was a beautiful day. So so so beautiful. Then, as we walked, I said “So, I baked a pie this morning. You wanna come over and have some?” We were near a hard cider stand and he said “Why don’t I get a bottle of this, to go with the pie?” Woot! See, seducing a man with pie is the best way πŸ˜‰ At my house, we had pie with ice cream and watched A Dangerous Method. The cider was a nice touch. While we watched the movie, on my couch, we drifted closer together. Then he held my hand. *swoon* I felt like I was in HS. Later, I walked him to the bus and we parted with a hug. When I got home, I sent the following text: “So that was kind of like a date, right?” And his response came and had me dancing around my livingroom “Definitely.”

This whole thing took us both by surprise. He was not looking for a relationship at all, and I had recently stopped actively dating, instead deciding to let what would happen, happen. And it did. Our first really *intentional* date was on October 3rd. There were tacos and margaritas, and two more stops in the neighborhood for beer. It lasted hours and we closed down a local beer place. He walked me home, both of us a little buzzed, and kissed me. I floated for the next 24 hours.

October was even more of a whirlwind, and by November he was coming to my moms wedding with me. He spent Thanksgiving with my family and my brothers extended family. By the time it was time for him to return home to his own family for Christmas for a few weeks, we were solidly attached. It was a difficult 3 weeks for us both by his home coming on New Years Eve was worth the separation. We couldn’t stop touching each other – even just holding hands – but mostly the spanking…and other things πŸ˜‰

And thus, I rung in the New Year with this amazing man who I love so much, and some good friends.

I know it’s late but I only hope your New Years was as awesome as mine was!

– Marie

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