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Explorations in D/s

Well, as you know by now if you’ve been keeping up with me here, or on Fetlife, or even some of you on Facebook, I’m in a relationship with someone…not so new anymore! Though it’s hard to believe it’s been less than 5 months! He’s totally into spanking and butts and everything butt, if you get my drift. It’s fantastic. However, he’s not super domly dom. That’s ok though, because I don’t need/want/like to be micromanaged. I don’t want rules and to have them documented as I break them. Are there things I want to be spanked for in a more serious way? Sure. The spanking I got this past Monday for being kind of crabby and rude when D went out of his way to meet me for drinks, is an example. My mood was off, I wasn’t being nice, and on our pit stop home, he told me to take my leggings down and then promptly pulled me across his lap. It sucked because my butt was cold! Cold butt spankings are the worst! It wasn’t long and it wasn’t brutal but it got the point across and did wonders for my mood (and warmed me up, ha!). I like scenes like that.

Anyway, most of our spanking interactions are mock-serious and/or sexy. One of my favorites, that I hadn’t experienced until now? Being spanked for touching myself.



It started out more playfully. The first time was super hot because it was unexpected. I pranced off to our room in the cabin we were staying in, to use my hitachi. He knew what I was doing but a few minutes into it he barged in, shocked, and startled me! I thought he was really mad. I quickly knew he wasn’t for serious mad, and then it was hot. He sat down and said something along the lines of now I had to finish with him watching. Then he spanked me, rather hard. Then he told me what naughty girls who touch themselves without permission get.

Can you guess?



Ok, they get their bottoms errrr filled. Usually with a glass Crystal Delights plug, but sometimes other things! I’m not going into tons of details but there was that! And then some other fun. But holy jesus it was hot.

So it became A Thing. And now it’s Totally A Thing All The Time. At first it was only that I had to ask permission to come if he was there. Then while he was out of town for Christmas, it was always. Since he was so far away, it made us feel a little more connected. Now, I have to ask for permission always! And last night I didn’t. I slipped on a thong (his second favorite kind of panties) and stuck my butt in the air a lot until he gave me some attention. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to ask. Oops! This glass toy I have though…it just…it’s hard to remember to ask.

I did show him how very sorry I was, though. I am, after all, a good girl. Most of the time!

Recently I got a far more fun punishment. Being “punished” for sexual things is just so damn hot. I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

– M

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