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Rope & Photos

I really love rope. I really have so very very little experience with it. Yes, I know. Sad face! But I also love to model and have my photos taken. Recently JT and I did a little shoot that was mostly nudes and then some rope. I cannot wait to see them and show D 🙂 he’s gonna love em! I love that I can be myself and completely unrestricted in photos. At the same time, they’re poses, but they’re me. It’s hard to describe. I hated videos because it felt like I had to act and if you’ve ever seen any of my videos, I am so sorry! I’m a terrible actress! But photos? I love them. Here’s a candid shot from the rope shoot that I snapped with my phone.


The rope was the color of the month from Twisted Monk. I don’t think it has a special name but they’ve added it to their regular stock so you can get it here. It’s great quality and the color is amazing. The first rope I ever bought! The photos we took this week were posed – the shots were just for the photos, it wasn’t a play session. But I hope to explore rope more with D or JT perhaps, in the future. It’s fun and sexy!

– M

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