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Advent Blog Day 8: 33 an counting

Wait…33 what? Hours.

I’ve been awake.

But it ends at 33. I’m going to sleep. Sorry day 8 wasn’t more interesting. Well, it kind of was for me. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, when I can brain.

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 7: Work

So I love my job. I’m a massage therapist and one of the places I work, while not that specific place, but in general, is my dream job. I was massively excited when I was told I got the job and couldn’t wait to start. I was going to be hired for a very specific shift plus covering for others, off site gigs, and eventually more shifts.

But then I was told the shift wasn’t available but they still wanted to hire me. So I’d be coverage and do the offsite gigs. I figured this would lead to a shift eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Knowing it would lead to more is what made me say yes with no true guarantee of hours. I started working a lot though with gigs. Then I was offered my very own shift after about 4 months. It would be a four hour shift once a week. Yay! Guaranteed hours!

A week later I get a text that they accidentally gave that shift to someone else and didn’t realize it but would like to offer me a three hour shift on Wednesday, 5-8. Ugh. Three hours at the end of the day, in the city. I had no reason to say no so I said yes – I’m on my way home from this shift now. I usually have one maybe two, clients. Which means I do a lot of sitting around. This is, essentially a “we fucked up” pity shift. They don’t really need someone to work this three hours, I’m delegated to a treatment room that is small, noisy, and across the office from the rest.

Yesterday I was offered an awesome three day chair gig that I simply couldn’t turn down. I got coverage for next weeks shift and told my guy I could do the gig. It’s a great opportunity and at least double the money (for one day!) for that three hours. I told my boss someone was covering my shift next week and she says to be “You’re supposed to give two weeks but ok” – no one told me that but the fact that she acts like my shift is important (when I have one person!) kind of got under my skin. Don’t pretend my shift is invaluable and my being there is crucial. I found coverage, be happy I didn’t just call in sick. The only good thing about this place is the pay and the people. Otherwise it kind of gets to me an in hoping for another similar office to hire me so I can quit.

Edit: Also, the office has christmas stockings (cheap ones, but still) hanging near the treatment rooms with the peoples names on them that usually use that room. I don’t have one, and apparently neither does the other girl who is a bit less new than me. Apparently “no stockings for noobs” >.< Fuck that shit! I won’t be there by next Christmas though, so I guess I’m glad they didn’t waste their money on a cheap dollar store stocking for me.

I went into massage so I wouldn’t have jobs that made me feel this way – frustrated and resentful. But since I quit my other job (long story) I can’t give this up without a replacement and chair gigs are just not reliable enough to be a replacement for it all.


Anyway, I haven’t been feeling well lately so I hope to get a decent nights sleep tonight so tomorrow is productive.

This is it for Advent Blog day 7 – what is that, 17 days to go?

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 6: Dexter

Do any of you guys watch the show Dexter? I recently started it, and am just about to watch Season 3 episode 1. I had a nice discovery in season 2. I won’t give away anything huge, but it was the hottest mainstream spanking moment I’ve ever seen. Go ahead, watch it. Episode 8. But I highly recommend the┬ápreceding┬áseason and 7 episodes!

Sorry I don’t have more, I’ve had a migraine for a few days and am kind of out of it.

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 5: Spanking Thanksgiving

Last week I spent Thanksgiving with a very dear spanking friend. Well, most of it anyway. He was one of my favorite spanking authors for years and we’ve been pretty close the last several. This was my first time meeting him though. I drove down to where he lives and stayed with him. While he had a lot of work to do, we had fun. He spanked me the first day, and I made him a sammich! Go me!

I also spent some time with my friend and his family. That was also pretty awesome. We went out a few nights, stayed in, and it was all great. Then on Thanksgiving, I cooked for my friend, C, and I. A turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and deviled eggs. And biscuits. And cookies. And a pumpkin pie! It was all delicious and there was much picture taking (they’re on Facebook for my vanilla-spanko) cross over friends. And there was spanking. I took a pretty hard belt spanking from C one night, it was perfect. Not too much. And it was over my jammie pants. I LOVE bedtime spankings over my jammie pants!!

After we ate and lounged around lazy for a while, I went and had a SECOND thanksgiving with my friends family. Cooked some more, played with a hyperactive 7 year old, and had her help me bake cookies. All in all, a good thanksgiving. I actually did miss my mom and family this year for the first time ever, so I’m hoping Christmas is a good one.

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 4: Party Time!

Really, I went to two parties last night. The first was the annual SSNY holiday party. It was a great party with a great crowd – a really awesome turn out. There were a lot of new faces, and a lot of out of town guests which is always nice to see. I brought my chocolate cake and the pumpkin pie and both seemed to go over well. I played once with an old friend, and it was nice. I played last week during a Thanksgiving trip visiting a spanko friend (I’ll write more about that tomorrow for Day 5!) but before that my last spanking was in late October. It was a nice spanking. Just what I needed. And not more than I can take. Although, it did leave me wanting a bit more of his belt. Perhaps a play date in the near future.

After the SSNY party, I headed downtown for a friends birthday. It was at this great bar near Wall Street on a street you can’t drive down because it’s narrow and cobblestoned. Truly fantastic, makes me wish I got to see NYC back in the days when all streets were cobblestone! Much alcohol was consumed – hard cider and shots and it was really awesome to see one of my best friends from massage school. It was her boyfriend whose birthday we were celebrating. I didn’t get home until nearly 4am so it’s a good thing I blogged Day 3 before the fun started last night! I slept in, was lazy and went and had a massage from a friend earlier today. It was fantastic. We trade, and I’ll get her back tomorrow.

Anyway, I don’t have a ton more to say – except that my roommate is a little crazy. He’s a good guy though so it’s not really bad crazy. Just a bit…OCD.

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 3: Laundry!

I am blogging from the car! I didn’t want to miss a day of course, so I frantically installed the WordPress app on my phone so I could tell you all about my day. My first official Saturday not working since I quit one of my jobs – where I worked on Saturdays. I played more Glitch and then finally got together my laundry. I’ve needed to do laundry for over a week but I only washed what I needed for the next few days. Ever do that? I like doing laundry but it’s just harder when it’s not in my home. It’s only on the corner but well…it’s outside. But I did it! And I had cinnamon Cheerios for lunch.

Isn’t my blog so exciting?! I’m on the way to SSNY then out for a friends birthday so I’m sure once I rouse tomorrow I’ll have lots to tell you all!!

– Marie

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Advent Blog Day 2: Spankings?

Day 2…hrm. It’s just after 10 so I’m glad I remembered to blog! I had a really lazy day. Too lazy. I played Glitch most of the day with odd bursts of cleaning. Then I went out to the bank and walked for a bit and bought baking supplies. Cooling in my kitchen currently is a pumpkin pie, a strawberry cake (it will have cream cheese icing) and a chocolate cake (will have chocolate icing). I am going to bring them to the annual SSNY holiday party which is tomorrow night here in NYC. It should be fun. I think this marks 3 years of parties. Which is pretty awesome. They bring in great crowds of people.

And there is spanking. But I am feeling odd towards spanking lately. Until a month ago, I had been dating someone for 7 months. It was the longest and most serious I’d gotten with anyone since Max – which was a long time ago. The breakup was (and still is a little) hard, but we’re managing to stay pretty close friends anyway. I tried dating a bit, but decided that I think I need to be single for a while. The relationship showed me just how important special the intimacy (both sex and spanking) truly is to me.

When I turned 18, I let anyone who wanted to, spank me. And I had fun. I made videos, I traveled, life was good. I still played with others when I was with Max but then after we broke up, I played almost exclusively with one or two people, or if I was seeing someone. That wasn’t bad for me, but over time I realized just how special spanking was to me. To share it with someone I cared about – loved even – and who cared about me, was the reason I wanted it. When I stopped having someone like that to do it with, it just wasn’t the same and I stopped wanting it in the same way.

And then recently, being with…..we’ll call him…um…W, made me truly truly see just how important it all was to me. I wouldn’t have classified myself as promiscuous but I was more open to exploration and casual sex a year ago. And by casual sex, I don’t mean random one night stands, I mean with someone I wasn’t in a committed relationship with. Now, it’s different. If I can’t have it all, I don’t want any of it. Or I want it very specifically.

So lately, instead of craving a spanking, I crave the whole thing. The dominance, submission, the ritual, the spanking itself, the before, the during, the after. It’s very difficult for me to just play with someone these days. It’s also hard for me to even play with people I love and trust as friends, mentors, etc.

A few weeks ago at the SSNY party I played and flirted with a very nice spanko guy who was here on business for the week. I enjoyed the spanking and playfulness, but clearly was more into him than he was to me. It’s made me really question playing casually. Because spanking has turned into so much more, and even the playful ones need to be with people I at least know and trust a bit.

I’m rather conflicted these days. Who knows when it’ll end/resolve/unconflict.

For now…I have a pumpkin pie to eat and two cakes to ice. And a beer to finish.

– Marie

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