2013…Looking back on January – August

Well, 2014 is quickly approaching. It’s interesting to look back on the year. Facebook certainly helps a lot, but old texts, blog post drafts, etc. also help. There’s a monthly run down after the jump…pictures included!

January 2013: I began the new year with an experience I never thought I’d have – a FFM threesome with my best friend and her boyfriend. While neither of us ever feels the need to repeat it (with each other or anyone else!), we are glad it happened (albeit drunkenly) with each other where we could say “Eh…let’s move on!” and did. My 24th birthday that followed was enjoyable and spent with good friends at dinner. January was also my first community Capoeira Roda and I played amazingly.

February 2013: In February I hosted my first Super Bowl party and cooked and had a whole bunch of people over. I made wings and chili and it was great fun. February was ALSO when the HUGE snowstorm Nemo blew in. It was great fun. Kind of. I was bored of sitting inside for days so I decided to shovel the driveway/walkway for my landlord and I piled all the snow near the house.  I built this delightful snowman, and as a thank you, my landlord gave me a bottle of wine for shoveling! We drank together. I also threw a fun and successful Super Bowl party in February that I intend to repeat this year. Another milestone for late February? I saw the first Star Wars movie. When JT found out I’d never seen them, he staged an intervention.


And then, with a wine buzz, I made this snow angel.


March 2013: March was a difficult month for me. On March 4th I approached my boss formally, after months of discussion, for the raise we had discussed months before. I was asking for a raise from $25 an hour to $30. This may sound like a lot, but most jobs in my field START at $35-$40. I took the cut because I was so recently out of school and it was an amazing opportunity. Instead of the raise, I got fired. My world seemed to be crashing around me. JT was there, literally, as soon as it happened and offered support I think I’d have been lost without. He texted that he’d be over with food and we would continue the Star Wars intervention. March 5th, I completed my application to apply to go back to school. I got unemployment. I got side jobs. I worked on moving on. It was hard. I’m still working on it. My job was everything.

April 2013: The highlight of April was the annual Boardwalk Badness party. JT came with me, and Thursday Knight roomed with us and her beau, Fox. We had a blast and took a lot of hot photos.

JT titled this one “Epic Breast” – I think it’s accurate!


Pretty sunset…and red bottom.


May 2013: I dog-sat for two separate friends with the SAME BREED of dog. That was fun! Went to Coney Island for the first time ever and was grossly under dressed. I now own a bright yellow CONEY ISLAND sweatshirt. Also, Fireman Chris visited me for a weekend! It was fun to show him around a bit, and get spanked 😉 I felt an ebony hairbrush for the first time (dafuq yo!) and then he bought me one (need I repeat…daquq yo!).

June 2013: We got an awesome new roommate and the night before he moved in, I had a delightfully fun spanking party with a bunch of new friends, and some old. There was a lot of spanking, lots of rope, and even some videos made. They’re on Fetlife. I got to wear a fedora while getting spanked, too, so that was fun!

July 2013: I spent a lot of the summer with JT, including 4th of July with his family, and a nice lake weekend where I got Very Very Bad Sunburn. This also marked 11 years since my dad died. It’s hard to summarize all the things I did, there was so much, mostly vanilla.

August 2013: My cousin was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer (she is fighting, and doing as well as can be expected!). I registered for class, officially. I decided to stop actively dating which of course promptly lead to me meeting a really nice guy and having an awesome date; he goes by Dr. D in the kink world. While it didn’t go beyond some fun making out at FetFest, I was still glad to meet him, go out with him, and it made me happy and hopeful for meeting someone else. Which is good, because wait till you hear about September!

Ok, I am going to start the next post with September and go through to December because…ALL THE THINGS happened in September and October. You have no idea.

– Marie

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