All The Updates!

I have two posts in drafts that I really want to finish, but damn, school is keeping me massively busy. It’s my first semester back in a few years, and it’s kickin’ my ass!

You see, I have a Ray of Sunshine in my life and he likes to assign over the top projects and other busy work to make himself feel like he’s doing his job. I think the skills I am learning in this class are extremely valuable, but I cannot move beyond having a terrible professor. Thankfully, it’ll all be over December 6th. In the meantime, a LOT has happened.

1. I met an amazing guy. He is my boyfriend. He spanks me (!!). He likes brunch. I am ever so fond of him!

2. My mom got hitched! It was kind of awesome.

3. My youngest brother is now a heroin addict. He’s turned into a terrible person because of it. It’s sad.

4. I’m getting spanked at least semi-regularly.

5. I have some pretty exciting new life goals!

6. I am happy.

Now, I should probably get back to finishing this study guide for my RoS because I fell asleep while doing it last night, and have been up since almost 4am (it’s nearly 5) working to complete it.

– Marie

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One thought on “All The Updates!

  1. writingthebody

    Really sorry about no 3. Envy you for 1 and 4. Glad to see nos 5 and 6 …. do tell! And it is good that you are good with no 2. Love lists. And this is an especially good one!

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