I think I need to be here again


Or maybe not?

I started reading my own blog posts again this morning (over at Spanking Kate James), and it hit me that I think I need to be writing regularly again. I’ve watched a lot of other people blossom into video stars and blogging queens and it’s brought back a flood of memories. There were days (years really) when the only people with blogs were Bailey (of Spanking Bailey fame) on her site, Sierra over on Live Journal when she was with Dallas, and….well, I think that was it. Sierra inspired me to start blogging, and there were limited options back then. No one else really had a blog other than us, until Pixie started blogging. And then it feels like it exploded. Blogging was no longer really a small sanctuary, it’s now an entire world – a community all of it’s own. It’s not a bad thing, but it made me run. It got big and kind of scary.

That, combined with my disconnect from the “Kate James” persona, lead me to leave blogging. I wasn’t getting anything from it anymore. I am not Kate, I don’t do videos anymore, and spanking isn’t my whole life (although it still is, and always will be, one of the most important parts of my kink life).

So why do I want to come back? I’ve been feeling a disconnect from the spanking community for a while, and I need to feel connected to it again. So I’m gonna try… And this is the place – this blogging place – I used to come to, for community, so I’ll give it a try.

I’ve been inconsistent but I’m going to be better…I swear!

– M

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One thought on “I think I need to be here again

  1. Hi Marie,

    Welcome back! We missed you. 🙂


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